San Luis Valley Chapter #303

Our Native Trout

The cutthroat trout is the most diverse trout species in North America, the historical distribution of cutthroat trout covers the broadest range of any stream dwelling trout in the Western Hemisphere. The rugged topography of their range has lead to isolation, which in turn has given rise to fourteen recognized subspecies. Four of these evolved in Colorado: the Colorado River cutthroat trout, Greenback cutthroat trout, Yellowfin cutthroat trout and the Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

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A small token of appreciation to our outgoing President, Mark Seaton.

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About Us

The SLV Chapter of Trout Unlimited (SLVTU) was reorganized in 1991, thanks primarily to the efforts of Dr. Kay O. Watkins, who had asked a regional VP of Colorado TU to come to a meeting of interested folks in the fall of that year.

Volunteers for officers included Jeff Woodward (President), Kay Watkins (Vice-President), Joe Kolupke (Newsletter Editor), and Harry Daley (Treasurer).  When Jeff was unable to fulfill the presidential duties, Kay agreed to step in and become president for the remainder of the term (and the next year as well). Since that reorganization, the chapter has had numerous additional members serve as officers, including Steve Aldrich, John Anderson, Mel Armold, Deacon Aspinwall, Rob Benson, Duane Bussey, Larry Bussey, Doug Camp, Alan Carothers, Joel Condren, Clark Dierks, Jerry Freeman, Dave Hayden, Marty Jones, Leo Kazeck, Dave Kenvin, Keith Motley, Matt Nehring, Frank Novotny, Larry Orr, Mark Seaton, Larry Shriver, Kevin Terry, and Tom Tichy.  Many of these members have served multiple years in various capacities. Thanks to them, the chapter has continued to be a viable group for 24 years!

SLV TU Events

Chapter Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, at 7 PM at San Luis Valley Health Education/Conference Center, 1921 Main Street, Alamosa, CO

  • Tuesday | March 26, 2019 | Regular Chapter Meeting
  • Tuesday | February 26, 2019 | 7:00 PM with Kevin Terry at SLV Health Education/Conference Center, 1921 Main Street, Alamosa, CO
  • Saturday | April 27, 2019 | Annual Fundraiser Auction

Area Shops and Guide Services

Area Shops and Guide Services (we encourage your support of these folks - they support us!) Arkansas River Fly Shop, 7500 W. US Hwy 50, Salida, CO  81201  (719) 539-3474 Broadacres Ranch, 25671 Highway 149, Creede, CO  81130  (719) 658-2291 Fox Creek Store, 26573 Hwy....

Mark Seaton | Excerpt from an email to the board (with an invitation for any chapter member to help) from Mark

Excerpt from an email to the board (with an invitation for any chapter member to help) from Mark: San Luis Valley Trout Unlimited | President's Duties  Replies to State Council and National TU correspondence and requests Attends quarterly CTU meetings/National TU...

Some wonderful words about Mark’s presidency

My 2 cents worth on Mark's presidency by Darrell Lewis (SLVTU Board Member) We could write a book on the list of things accomplished by the Chapter under Mark's leadership. A few things stand out. The presence of Kevin Terry has had a huge impact on the number and...

Spring 2022 | A Few Lines From the President

Hello and welcome to my final “Few Lines” as president of the chapter. I will be stepping down from my position at the upcoming March meeting when we have our annual chapter elections. I joined SLV Trout Unlimited in 1998 and have served on the board most of those...

Spring 2022 | A Note From the New Editor

I have only served on the board for one year. Mark has been a lifeline for me as the rookie Newsletter Editor. I am a student of leadership and have made it one of my mantras to recognize and learn from leaders in my life, Thus I feel compelled to share with you what...

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