Most of you know that for the past several years, our chapter has supported the SLV Regional Science Fair by providing awards for two projects that focus on our mission of protecting and preserving coldwater resources. This year, the projects selected for our awards were: “Rock On: Limestone’s Potential to Improve Water Quality inf the Alamosa River Drainage”, Amber Michel, Monte Vista High School and “Examining the Toxicity of Herbicides on Terrestrial and Aquatic Organisms Susceptible to Contamination”, Andres Villa, Monte Vista High School. Both of these projects will be presented at the Colorado State Science and Engineering Fair at Fort Collins in April. In addition, Ms. Michel and her project were selected to represent the SLV at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix in May and Mr. Villa was selected to go to ISEF as a student observer. Congratulations to these young scientists!