“How’s the ice on the Rio Grande?”, “Do you know what the ice on Conejos is looking like?”, “Do ya think the rivers will open up soon?” Pretty much everyone I run into lately that likes to fish any at all is asking the same questions. Nothing like a few warm and sunny days to get us all thinking about getting out on a river….never mind a little shore ice!

It’s pretty exciting to know that the rivers are going to go up this spring instead of down like last year. Right now the snowpack in the Rio Grande Basin is sitting at somewhere above 140% of average and another storm is in the forecast. It is going to be an exciting runoff season this year and we are all super happy about it. This is great news but after last year I think we all know that our chapter needs to continue to be diligent and focused on our projects. Many of these projects will help insure the survivability of our fish, even in low water and high temperature conditions similar to what we experienced last year.

If you haven’t marked your calendars for our Annual Fundraiser Auction that is coming up next month on Saturday, April 27th then please do so. It’s going to be a great time! The board has been working very hard to get everything organized and we have our first auction planning meeting on Monday April 9th. If you have any donations for the auction please let Deacon know ASAP so he can get them on the inventory. We plan to have some new things in store for this year so don’t miss them. Plus, we are very fortunate to once again have Brady Stagner of A&B Auction Services LLC as our auctioneer. I promise it’s worth the price of admission just to watch Brady in action!

Our March meeting next Tuesday the 26th is going to be an exciting one. Our own board member, Rain Reich, is presenting a program on safe catch and release methods and how to keep the fish you catch in 2019 healthy! If you have ever met Rain then you know this presentation will be as fun as being out on the river….or darn close. If you haven’t met her then here’s your chance!

I hope to see as many of you as possible next Tuesday! Thanks for your support.