A Numbers Game

By Marty Jones

(I’ll bet you thought I was going to write about numbers of fish vs. quality/size of fish.  Nope, hope you’re not too disappointed.)

Number of years a resident of Colorado:  30
Number of years fly-fishing:  27

Number of states in which I have fly-fished:  5 (Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, Alaska)
Ratio of states/years fly-fishing:  0.185

Number of fly rods I actually fish with:  4
Number of fly rods I own:  7
Number of fly reels I actually fish with:  4
Number of fly reels I own:  8
Ratio equipment I actually use/equipment I own:  0.50 to 0.57

Number of stream or lakeshore miles walked or floated while fishing in a typical year (2018 was not typical year because of the low water):  probably less than 100.
Number of bicycles owned:  3
Number of bicycles actually used:  3
Number of miles ridden on bikes during a typical year:  2500 – 3000.
Ratio of fishing miles/bicycling miles:  0.04

Conclusions:  (1) Obviously, I learned to fly fish in Colorado, thanks primarily to Mel Armold, Ed Adams and Kay Watkins.  (2) Obviously, I need to visit other states (and countries) to go fly-fishing!  (3) Obviously, I need to divest some old equipment I no longer use and replace it with better equipment that I will actually use!  (4) Obviously, during my retirement I need to increase my fishing miles!  (However, if I am to keep in some semblance of physical shape, I must not drastically reduce my bicycling miles)  Given the current state of snowpack this winter, I think I can accomplish conclusion 4 this year – check with me in October of 2019!