Trout Unlimited, alongside agency and organization partners, has been working to protect, secure, and enhance the population of the native Rio Grande cutthroat trout in Jim Creek since 2014. We have built riparian fence, restored and enhanced 1 mile of stream habitat, stabilized erosional banks, planted hundreds of willows and sedges, and most recently, we secured funding to replace two culverts impacting fish passage, and complete another mile of habitat work.

The SLV chapter of TU is committed to this work and special place, and our chapter members gather every year to maintain fences and plant willows. The work has improved habitat tremendously and cutthroat are doing much better for it. Now, we need you SLV TU members as we turn our sights on the non-native brook trout that continue to negatively impact our native cutthroat in Jim Creek.

This conservation mission is open to SLV TU Chapter 303 members only!!!!!

What is It?: The challenge is for SLV chapter members to harvest as many brook trout as possible from Jim Creek in 2020. Participants must follow the state regulations of 14 Brook Trout per day (4 brook trout of any size, plus 10 brook trout less than or equal to 8”).

How Does it Work?: Participants are required to report their catch: including a photo of themselves and their stringer taken in the field, the date, hours fished, and their starting location. We also request a count of Cutthroat caught and released. (Of course, other data like what flies/lures worked best, and lots of pictures are encouraged but not required.) Send your reports to Brook Trout Challenge Data form or

Who Can Participate?: The challenge is open to all San Luis Valley Chapter TU members (chapter 303). Every chapter member that participates will receive one raffle ticket for every Brook Trout they remove during the challenge. (please encourage your non-member friends to join TU or friends from other chapters to report their catch too, but they are not eligible for the prize).

When Can I Start?: The challenge will start on Saturday June 13,2020 (Annual Jim Creek Volunteer Day) and run through the fishing season, coming to a close on October 31, 2020. We will have a drawing at our November 2020 SLV TU meeting.

Where is Jim Creek and what sections are eligible? Jim Creek is a tributary to La Jara Reservoir in Conejos County. The entire creek is open for the challenge from the reservoir up to the headwaters, including the South Fork of Jim Creek.

What is the Prize?: Thanks to an incredible donation from Chris Johnson, owner of Living Waters Fly Fishing, we are offering a top of the line, state of the art, Colorado Creek Rod and Reel Package! The rod is a 7’2” Scott FS series fiberglass 3wt. w/metal case. The reel is a Ross Colorado LT 3/4, and it comes loaded with a Scientific Anglers Amplitude trout taper line! This is a $1,120 Package, folks!

For more information please contact Kevin Terry at