From Deep Time to Game Time – A Snapshot of Cutthroat Evolution and Opportunities for Catching Rio Grande Cutthroat Today
by Kevin Terry
This presentation will speed through a few million years to reveal the trail leading to Colorado’s native trout assemblage, discuss the current distributions and projects to protect and restore these native treasures, and identify places where anglers can catch Rio Grande cutts today.

Kevin Terry is the Rio Grande Basin Program Director for the Colorado Water Project of Trout Unlimited. Kevin started his pursuit of all things fish at a very young age, stalking trout with his brother and father in northern New Mexico where he was born and raised. Dreams of steelhead led him to Oregon State University where he received a BS in Fisheries Science, specializing in fish ecology. After graduation, Kevin moved to Colorado where he has lived for the past 16 years. In that time, he met his wife Stephanie, worked as a research associate for the larval fish lab at Colorado State University, managed the fisheries program for the Jicarilla Apache Nation, and for the last 7 years, Kevin has worked for TU’s Western Water and Habitat Program. Kevin’s job focuses on partnerships with agriculture and other water users to identify and coordinate opportunities for water deliveries that have environmental and recreational benefits. Kevin has also been a member of the range-wide Rio Grande cutthroat trout conservation team for over 10 years, working with agencies and stakeholders to protect and restore habitat and reintroduce the native Rio Grande Cutthroat to its historic range in Colorado. You can find Kevin and the Terry clan high in the mountains where they love to boat, fish, ski and snowboard, hike, bike, and hunt. He and his family call the Rio Grande headwaters home.

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