Fishing with Kay

A few years ago, some of the chapter members were sitting around enjoying adult beverages and shooting the breeze when we realized that many of us had some memorable stories that had one thing in common – they all involved fishing with Dr. Kay Watkins.  Someone suggested that we should collect the stories.  Somehow, normal life interfered and the idea faded away.  Fast forward to this summer, when life was not normal and there seemed to be plenty of time to revisit this project.  We now have a published book, “Fishing with Kay”, that contains stories from ten authors (Bob Antiel, Mel Armold, Duane Bussey, Cole Foster, Marty Jones, Dave Kenvin, Joe Kolupke, Mark Konishi, Mark Seaton, and Jan Watkins).  If you would like to read the stories, send an email to me (Marty Jones, and I will send you an electronic copy of the stories.  In the meantime, you can read Joe’s contribution as the Last Cast this month.

An appropriate socially distanced presentation of the book to Kay took place along the Rio Grande in Del Norte on October 30.