We all know getting out on the water, away from phone service and escaping social media is a large part of why we love fly fishing so much. However, social media can be a fantastic platform to share educational and fun information, proud fish pictures, and a place to gain knowledge from thousands of different people.
Recently I have stepped into a social media based role with San Luis Valley Trout Unlimited! It is my goal to begin highlighting our members (their loves, stories and passions), collaborate with other chapters to bring in speakers, ideas, and volunteer opportunities, and gain membership through community networking.
With your help and permission, I would love to begin sharing photos on our chapter’s Facebook page. Please, if you have any pictures pertaining to fishing and the outdoors in general, please share them (and their stories) with me at rreich@rams.colostate.edu.
Additionally, if you happen to stumble across articles and information you would like to share, please send it my way! I am extremely excited to be helping with this role, and would love (and appreciate) collaboration and ideas from each and every member.  Thanks in advance!