We always like to include pictures in the newsletter. If you have some good ones that you are willing to share, please email them to mbjones@adams.edu. In addition to pictures, the editor would like to receive stories that could be featured in the Last Cast portion of the newsletter. Please send them to the email address listed above. Thanks to Rob Benson, Mark Konishi and Stan Price for pictures used in this month’s newsletter.

Also if you know of someone not receiving the newsletter through their email it probably means I don’t have their current email address and they can send it to me at mbjones@adams.edu. You can also use this email address to send me changes to your email address and/or to send contributions to the newsletter.

If you are receiving this newsletter but are not yet a member of SLV Trout Unlimited, please consider joining the chapter. You can sign up at https://coloradotu.org/; click on the “Join Now” button. Be sure to specify the San Luis Valley chapter, #303.

Thanks for all you do for SLV TU!

Marty Jones