Board Meeting on the Rio

When SLV TU Chapter President, Mark, announced the last board meeting would be officially conducted in the middle of a float trip on the Rio Grande River near Creede, it was not hard to get attendance even though it was in the middle of busy fishing season in the region.

The day started at 8200 in South Fork where plans were made to shuttle the vehicles and off to the Middle Creek Bridge drop in, the caravan of eager board members went. After taking turns getting boats in the water, the drift began with some hoots as if a bunch of kids were playing hooky from school and getting away with it!

No sooner had the journey began did Stan tag a giant rainbow that he proceeded to do a little acrobatics with while trying to pose for a picture! Soon thereafter Rain began a streak of catching fish that culminated with one of her most significant catches to date, that took great rowing skills by Mark and some extraordinary skill from the exuberant fisherlady as well!

In the mean time, two veterans of tight lines (Doug & Ian) were having a world class drift via the expert navigation of Kevin. It was amazing to see casting as an art and a skill in perfect harmony, while riding a dory that seemed to become one with the current. Everyone was catching fish and before we knew it, it was time for lunch. Thanks to some amazing food provided by Doug, we all were well nourished. It then dawned on the group that we were indeed supposed to be on this trip to have a board meeting!

Mark called the meeting to order and several items were discussed without any major debates or consequence. It started to rain and as if that were not enough reason to adjourn, fish started rising. That was the end of the meeting in short order, no second required!!!

Some pictures of the adventure are below. Rain made a video, but the software for this newsletter is not able to handle videos (or the Editor has not figured out how to get it to work). note: since the software is not the editor – it is not the editors fault… ever!