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The cutthroat trout is the most diverse trout species in North America. The historical distribution of cutthroats covers the broadest range of any stream-dwelling trout in the Western Hemisphere. The rugged topography of their range has lead to isolation, which in turn has given rise to fourteen recognized subspecies. Four of these species evolved in Colorado: the Colorado River cutthroat trout west of the Continental Divide, the Greenback cutthroat trout in the South Platte River drainage, the yellowfin cutthroat trout (now extinct) in the Arkansas River drainage, and the Rio Grande cutthroat trout in the Rio Grande River drainage in the San Luis Valley and northern New Mexico. The Rio Grande cutthroat was the first New World trout encountered by Europeans in 1541, by Spanish explorer Francisco de Coronado.

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SLV TU Chapter Meeting IN PERSON | Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 7 pm

Virtual TU Meeting on Zoom. To access the meeting, please go to this page for more information and the meeting link.

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Colorado Trout Unlimited News

Despite COVID-19 impacts, Colorado TU is excited to share some successes in the Stream of Engagement programming from this fall. The youth education programs faced challenges with many schools operating in new models and group gatherings limited by public health orders. To adapt to these challenges, Colorado Trout Unlimited and chapters across the state stepped up to continue to provide high quality educational experiences focused on water and fisheries conservation. Most notably, CTU is excited to share nearly a dozen Trout in the Classroom (TIC) sites kicked off and four STREAM Girls events were held in September and October.


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August 2021 | A Few Lines From the President

A Few Lines From the President Thanks for taking a look at our summer newsletter. The summer seems to be flying by way too fast! Thanks to Don for getting the summer edition out as I am sure he is...

Project Healing Waters Fly-Fishing Update

Project Healing Waters Fly-Fishing Update Outings abound as COVID restrictions were lifted and our group was able to get out on some water for fishing of the extraordinary kind. Special thanks to...

JIM & JAN on the BAJA

JIM & JAN on the BAJA After two COVID thwarted attempts to schedule this trip, my wife, Jan Crawford, and I finally made it to the Baja in pursuit of sizeable roosterfish, jacks and dorado. Our...

2nd Annual Jim Creek Brook Trout Challenge

2nd Annual Jim Creek Brook Trout Challenge Trout Unlimited, alongside agency and organization partners, has been working to protect, secure, and enhance the population of the native Rio Grande...

Board Meeting on the Rio

Board Meeting on the Rio When SLV TU Chapter President, Mark, announced the last board meeting would be officially conducted in the middle of a float trip on the Rio Grande River near Creede, it was...

Learning on the River

LEARNING ON THE RIVER Special thanks to our President, Mark, and two other members (mentioned below) for helping a few Del Norte High School Students learn about some of the science of fly fishing!...

Part 2 – The Fly Tier’s Bench

Part 2 - The Fly Tier's Bench By Doug Camp The second part of our virtual meeting will be a video demonstration of how to tie a darned good fly (see picture below).  Master tier Doug Camp will give...

This Month’s Program | Part 1 – Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Update for the San Luis Valley By Estevan Vigil

This Month's Program | Part 1 - Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Update for the San Luis Valley By Estevan Vigil Local Aquatic Biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Estevan Vigil will be giving an...

April 2021 | A Note From the New Editor

A Note From the New Editor First and foremost, please join me as we acknowledge Marty Jones for extraordinary service to the San Luis Valley TU Chapter over many years, including his most recent...

March 2021 Virtual SLV TU Meeting

March 2021 Virtual SLV TU Meeting Thanks to the twenty folks, primarily from the SLV, who joined our fourth virtual SLVTU meeting in March.  The slate of candidates listed in the March newsletter...


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